Different units of building maintenance and its function

Building management can be considered a unit of facility management in UAE as it includes a huge variety of tasks which all come together for the maintenance of an organization or company. They help maintain so many things which one would not even consider checking upon once. This keeps the building in a running condition and takes care of everything to keep it presentable to its occupants and functional at the same time.

Building maintenance services in Dubai often divide their crew into three main units. Each of this unit has their own responsibility and task to perform as per their expertise and responsibilities. Here are these three working units:

  • Janitor: This part of the unit is responsible for the basic cleaning and maintaining task. This could include anything and everything ranging from mopping floors, vacuuming carpets, washing bathrooms and cleaning windows, scrubbing off the dirt and excess from the doors and glass. This basic maintenance may take up the most of the time and they are equally important.
  • Maintenance technician: This includes all the complicated technical repairing of the building. The task is assigned only to the skilled and experienced workers who know what they are doing. This could include anything from fixing a light to repairing HVAC. This is not only specified to the technical task but plumbing and electrical, both would be included.
  • Supervisor: The supervising  will not only be limited to making sure that workers are doing their job correctly – even though that’s a big part of it – but it also extends to many other set of responsibilities. They usually take care of incoming orders, prioritizing the work and tasks and aiming the objective to make sure that it is completed within the given time frame. This is also usually the person who would seal the deal with you about whether they would be joining you every day or consecutively as per the task and the services required.

Building maintenance is very important for businesses, residential complexes and government property because these places aren’t handled by a single person as that is not even possible considering the size of the building and this is when a crew would come in handy which would have their own set of duties assigned.