Advantages and Disadvantages of Root Canal

You don’t need to be frightened if your doctor asks you that you need root canal to save your teeth. The preconceived notions have made the otherwise easy and beneficial procedure scary. You can either look for the best orthodontist in Dubai to enlighten you of the advantages and disadvantages or you can find out about the root canal here.

Root Canal

Before you look for more it is important to first know what root canal is. It is a dental treatment where the dentist clears the bacteria infecting the nerve chamber of your tooth. What leads to this treatment is chipping of the tooth or deep tooth decay.

How is Root Canal Performed?

Root canal treatment in Dubai is same as anywhere. To numb the tooth an anesthetic is used before the procedure begins. With a rubber dam the tooth is cleaned to stop the saliva from building up there. With the tooth numbed the top part of the tooth the cleared. The canal path is cleaned with a root canal file. There is solution used to kill the bacteria thoroughly with x-rays done to monitor the progress. At the end a material is placed to fill the root canal and the whole procedure is capped with the placing of the crown.


  • You will be relieved of the pain that leaves you unable to do anything.
  • You won’t have to deal with the deteriorating of your teeth with the formation of abscess.
  • Spread of infection is prevented as the bacteria is removed.
  • You will experience a sensation initially which will go eventually, and you can eat and drink in the normal manner.
  • There won’t be any strain on your teeth.
  • You can chew with the teeth as you normally do.


  • Bad seal can ruin the shape of your tooth.
  • If the hidden root remains untreated the pain remains
  • If the tooth is not treated perfectly chewing becomes an ordeal
  • Beware of cons
  • Pieces might get stuck inside the root canal.
  • Without proper restoration, the infection might reoccur
  • Slight uncomfortable feelings at the starting

Anyone who is thinking of getting the root canal done would now have a clear understanding of the procedure. You can now weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself if you are prepared for the treatment or not. It is not something to be scared of though.