Take a vacation and plan a trip to Dubai

Every tourism spot is supposed to attract tourists from all over the world. The reason – the place offers one or more sights and attractions that can attract tourists. A quick around the world reveals that the world is full of such places. From the deserts of Middle East and Africa, to the cold of Europe and Americas, you find many cities, islands, beaches and valleys that attract thousands every year. However, you will rarely find a place that offers some for all. Here, you find luxury hotels including a seven star one, a unique skyline, eye-catching shopping malls inside one of a kind architecture, and a rare combo of natural deserts and beaches. Not to mention the nighttime ferry service that lets you see the city skyline during the night. In short, Dubai is perhaps one of the few travel spots that offer something for tourists of every age group. You will enjoy your trip to Dubai in a number of ways. Each of these will help you remember and revisit the place in the future. Take a morning desert safari and see how exciting it can be. Here is a glimpse of what you might end up enjoying in Dubai:


Everybody, especially women love to own some precious and unique jewelry. After all, having a gold necklace with diamond in the center is something you would love to own if you had enough money. Thankfully, your tour to Dubai gold souk has brought your wish to life. The sheer number of gold shops in the market and the collection of uniquely designed one of a kind jewelry may entice you to buy some. However, choosing one design out of thousands here is not easy, so you better take suggestions first before buying some.

Global Village

The Global Village is one of the few attractions in Dubai that have maintained their attraction for tourists. It is a major tourism spot in Dubai and has been so for over fifteen years, especially for those who have a taste for arts and craft. Here, you will find pavilions of different countries include Spain and Egypt. Step inside the hall and you will witness live performances of artists from all around the globe. You will also find exhibitions displaying photos, artifacts, photography and other unique art pieces. You will have a great time here, so make sure to buy souvenirs and artifacts before leaving.

It is good to warm up to your overnight desert safari Dubai trip and see unique attractions so keep it up and prepare yourself to see what is yet to come.