3 farmers killed, 1 child wounded in 69th IB attack

The militant peasant group Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP) today condemned in the strongest terms the massacre of a tribal leader, a farmer, and a purok (sub-village) leader, and the wounding of a peasant leader’s child in Paquibato District in Davao City past midnight of June 14.

Citing reports from KMP-Southern Mindanao Region, the peasant group said that the massacre happened at the house of KMP-SMR secretary general Aida Seisa in Purok 7, Barangay Paradise Embac, Paquibato District, Davao City.

The Paquibato massacre, allegedly perpetrated by state security forces belonging to the Philippine Army’s 69th Infantry Battalion, claimed the lives of Datu Ruben Enlog Chairman of Nagkahiusang Lumad sa Paquibato (Nagkalupa), Purok Leader Randy Carnasa and farmer Garyo Quinto. The injured child is Seisa’s daughter. Seisa and her family remain missing as of this writing.

“We condemn in the strongest terms the massacre of lumad leader Enlog, and 2 other farmers,” declares Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas and its human rights desk Tanggol Magsasaka.

“The Paquibato massacre and the frustrated murder of Ka Aida and her family is a direct attack to sow terror among the peasant community,” said Antonio Flores, national Secretary General of KMP.

Initial reports revealed that the attack was perpetrated by the 69th Infantry Battalion of the Armed Forces of the Philippines who are currently conducting combat operations in the area.

The local peasant organization is certain that the community will not back down against the state forces and will continue to demand justice for the victims; and call to end the militarization of their communities.

KMP and Tanggol Magsasaka accused the 69th IB as a notorious human rights violator. Among the violations of 69th IB include grave threat, intimidation, torture which are mainly directed at women, students, and peasants of Paquibato.

“We demand the pull-out of the 69th IB in Paquibato District and put a stop to the human rights abuses against peasant farmers and peasant leaders,” Flores said adding: “The AFP and the government should be held responsible for the long list of farmers killed under the Aquino administration.” #